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Fort Worth area USTA leagues are organized and run by the Greater Fort Worth Tennis Coalition (GFWTC). Local League Coordinators for the various USTA adult leagues are listed below. USTA Flex League is organized by the Fort Worth Tennis Association (FWTA).


USTA Fort Worth Flex League

Coordinator: Jonathan Pham  817.983.4572

USTA Women/Seniors

Coordinators: Laurie and Jack Sheehy   817.360.9077

USTA Men/Seniors/Tri Level

Coordinator: Steve Miller     817.821.5640 

USTA Mixed Doubles

Coordinator: Marla Krueger    817.560.3378

USTA Combo Doubles
Coordinator: Martha Barrie    817.946.8034



USTA League Registration

Register for USTA Leagues hereYou must be a USTA member through the league season and at least 18 years old to play in Adult USTA Leagues.


USTA Rating Information

Players who have not played USTA leagues before, or whose NTRP rating has expired, will be prompted to SELF-RATE when registering for their team. Read more about the USTA NTRP and Self-Rating here. You may also wish to view the Experienced Player Guidelines before starting this process.

Read about the 2013 Year-End Ratings here.


Coman Tiebreak

The Coman Tiebreak is the same as the [set & match] tiebreak we have used for many years, except players change ends after the first point. Then after every four points (after the 5th, 9th, 13th, 17th points, and so on, also at the conclusion of the tiebreak). 
Scoring in the Coman Tiebreak is scored the same as the traditional set or match tiebreak, and the play for the Coman Tiebreak is the same as a set or match tiebreak. When the Set score reaches 6 all, the player whose turn it is to serve, will serve the first point from the deuce court. Then the players change ends, and the following two points are served by the opponent starting from the ad court. Each player/team will serve alternately for two consecutive points, changing ends after every four points.
Reasons to use Comin include: 1) By changing ends more often, the elements/condition are the same for both teams; and 2) When playing doubles, the server always serves from the same side of the court.
Coman is used at all USTA League Sectionals and National Championships.