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Play Flex League in Fort Worth SPRING, SUMMER and FALL

Registration is now open for Fall!

Flex League is FUN and FLEXIBLE Tennis on YOUR TERMS!

  1. 1)  We provide you with a weekly suggested "play by date" schedule, but you and your opponents decide WHEN and WHERE you will play. (The FUN of leagues with the convenience of FLEX.)  
  2. 2)  You can play the week 5 match the first week, or you can play 2 matches (or more) in a week, or none. You just need to complete the matches by the end of the season.
  3. 3)  The number of matches/weeks in a schedule depends on the number of players/teams who register for your flight level, but we typically do not schedule fewer than four or more than seven matches in a "season."
  4. 4)  You can use a SUB when you need to because of travel, injury, or whatever. You don't need to tell us unless you are getting a "permanent sub."
  5. 5)  You don't have to be a USTA member to play FLEX.
  6. 6)  You can select the NTRP rating level you wish to play, even if you have a current USTA rating. So you can play UP and you can play DOWN; we just want you to select the best competitive level for all.
  7. 7)  Your Flex matches NEVER calculate in your USTA rating.

USTA Flex League RULES and to REGISTER

                                       You will need to set up an account first and then register for the league. 

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